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Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

I am a Minimalist and an artist. Passionate about walking, crafting and cooking. Loving what I do and doing what I love.

Its been a good year and half here in the states, and I have been longing to get back to writing. There is a whole lot that I would like to cover, there is Food, Travel, Simple Living tips, Painting, Crochet, Zentangle, Kids  and so much more.

I am not sure many people will find it to be an interesting read, since Simple Living and simple eating is an out of fashion concept, but lets see how it goes.

I too was not too much of a fan of simple living and eating but I have very strong reasons to believe that this is what’s best for us. Most people call it frugal living, but truly that’s something which is quite a task to achieve. I will focus more so on making the most of what you have and achieving inner peace and calm with what is available around you. The simple joys of cooking for family, talking to your kids and the joys of waiting for your husband to come home is something only the privileged few will relish. What I mean is that all women do cook on a daily basis, talk to their children, and wait for their spouses to return home, but very few enjoy the mere task of doing these above. For most of us the rush of completing tasks completely diminishes the pleasure that we must derive out of these routine activities.

There’s a lot to cover so just follow the links to my writing and let me have your comments.

Thank you for stopping by!


High Iron Dynamite Paratha – easiest food for Anemic women.

My 20 year long journey with Anemia has left me determined to overcome it with food. No amount of supplements has helped. Although last month my hemoglobin levels went up by 1 point simply by changing the food I ate.

There are so many high iron foods that one needs to consume, and if all can be combined into one meal, there is nothing better than that.

So here is a paratha that is Satvik, so tasty, and a dynamite of iron.

Ingredients are…Jowar Atta, Oats Atta, Makki Atta, Wheat Atta, Rice Atta, Salt, Cashew Pdr, Almond Pdr, Pista Pdr, Walnut Pdr, Chia Seeds Pdr, Sesame Seeds Pdr, Palak Leaves, Methi Leaves, Coriander Leaves, Beetroot grated, Raw Papaya grated, Ash Gourd Petha grated, Ginger grated. Make a dough with very little water, and roll and cook it on iron tava like a paratha.

Ensure that the atta ingredients are 1/3 and vegetable ingredients are 2/3. So less flours and more than double of vegetables.

Have it with Dahi and Achar and you meal is complete with probiotics.

I eat this at least 2 times a day and never get bored.

Dont forget to watch your hemoglobin shoot up.